January 29, 2016

Minus World Episode 9 - GRRREAT

Minus World Episode 9 Timestamps

0:00 Netflix shows and Adventure Time
8:00 Matt Conn arrives
9:30 - Discussing localizing gender pronouns to the Japanese version of Read Only Memories
20:40 - News theme, Kanye's meltdown
23:45 - Jetsetradio.live
27:00 - Sonic 3 Michael Jackson collab confirmed
29:25 - Sammus' "1080p" single release and video
32:20 - Mighty No. 9 delayed again
38:00 - Mello discusses playing The Witness
44:08 - Tony The Tiger Twitter blocks furries, everyone. Tons of cereal and food mascot talk
57:00 - Detective Pikachu looks cool
1:00:55 - Police calculating each person's threat scores--your talking about things (including games) on social media can affect that
1:07:06 - Hanna-Barbera titles rebooted with weird new art styles
1:10:50 - We heard live that Peter Molyneux retired and then realized it was a hack right after that
1:14:16 - Gamestop is publishing the next Insomniac game
1:18:53 - Matt Conn's Yo-kai Watch Minute
1:23:08 - JJ finished Contradiction, Toni played more Diablo and Matt played Black Ops 3's Zombies mode, which is surprisingly good
Then, our first listener questions!

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