April 22, 2016

Minus World Episode 19 - Skeleton Crew

The whole team is at PAX East, but Mello and Kossio aren't, and if you aren't, or are, enjoy this hot episode of Minus World. Basically, you can enjoy it no matter where you are or aren't. We clear? Good.

0:00 Intro, RIP Prince, voice acting implementation discussion, PAX East talk
9:28 - News: Microsoft Discontinuing Xbox 360
14:08 - More details on Sony's upgraded Playstation 4, the NEO
18:53 - Alex St. John's article on crunch and industry response
23:50 - Doom and Quake co-creators teasing collaboration on new FPS
27:36 - Star Fox animated short being released 4/22
29:10 - This week's topic: which game would you make into a film, assuming no production value limitations?
37:00 - What games have we been playing? League of Legends, Metroid Prime

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