2 Mello, Matt Conn and Toni Rocca discuss the NX, Pokemon Go updates, Drake vs. Budden vs. Eminem, Ohio, gay bars full of straight people, and much more!!

We're back after a long episode of game development! Well, it's not done...well, they're never really done HAHHAHAHAHA AAHHHH

Matt Conn, 2 Mello and guest Amp from Youtube series Watts The Safe Word? discuss the brilliance of Uncharted 4, shocking Disney business decisions, our greatest cancelled game disappointments, and whether there is porn of certain things--or whether there even needs to be.

Yo, Minus World is undergoing a schedule change! From now on, we will be live Fridays at noon Pacific and 3pm Eastern at twitch.tv/wearemidboss, rather than Thursday. Episodes will publish here Saturday mornings.

We talkin' bout PERSONA 5's first locked-down release date. We talkin' bout Mighty No. 9's first BELIEVABLE release date. We talkin' bout the difficulties of outing yourself as the creator of Bitcoin if you are not the creator of Bitcoin. We talkin'!

The whole team is at PAX East, but Mello and Kossio aren't, and if you aren't, or are, enjoy this hot episode of Minus World. Basically, you can enjoy it no matter where you are or aren't. We clear? Good.

0:00 Intro, RIP Prince, voice acting implementation discussion, PAX East talk
9:28 - News: Microsoft Discontinuing Xbox 360
14:08 - More details on Sony's upgraded Playstation 4, the NEO
18:53 - Alex St. John's article on crunch and industry response
23:50 - Doom and Quake co-creators teasing collaboration on new FPS
27:36 - Star Fox animated short being released 4/22
29:10 - This week's topic: which game would you make into a film, assuming no production value limitations?
37:00 - What games have we been playing? League of Legends, Metroid Prime
We talk about Rust gender locking, the Powerpuff Girls reboot falling flat on its face and the GTA-like Rockstar legal battle about to pop off. Video games are still happening at an alarming rate, and we're here to discuss what we can do about that.

0:00 Intro, all lies
5:00 News - unearthed Neo-Geo prototype, game archiving convo
13:20 - Punch-Out! Easter egg
15:15 - Possible new Xbox One model outed by NeoGAF
18:44 - Rust randomly assigns players a gender based on SteamID
27:05 - Rockstar legal battle
32:13 - Dark Souls 3 PC crashes and the hilarious ways to "fix" them
38:25 - Yo-Kai Watch 3 coming in Sushi and Tempura versions to Japan in July
48:09 - Powerpuff Girls reboot has transphobic new episode
59:07 - Animal Crossing's 15th anniversary!
1:04:04 - Dark Souls 3 mistakenly listed on Mexican Steam for less than a dollar
1:05:46 - Link to the Past and Super Metroid available on New 3DS eShop today
1:14:58 - Week's Topic: First multiplayer game you remember playing?
1:28:08 - What have we played this week?

This week's episode of Minus World features a sick and tired Mello, a few new segments, more listener questions than ever before, and Matt cementing his role as the wild card by coming on halfway through and playing Digimon songs for what felt like five minutes, but actually turned out to be one or two.

Our topic of the week was, "What is the best DLC or Season Pass you have ever bought?"

On this supplemental Minus World episode created to cover our time at GDC, we discuss our first game experiences, digital voice assistants, the secret, seedy lifestyle of Read Only Memories's protagonist Turing, and more!

We start off with hentai talk, so it's 0 to 100 real quick on this episode of Minus World. Then, lots of harsh/crazy video game news! Whew!

Look for episode 14-B next week--an additional neat segment to be released while we're all at GDC.

0:00 - Special message from 2 Mello
1:45 - Our preferred hentai
4:45 - Anime
19:40 - GDC
22:25 - Some talk about Sonic's relevance
30:20 - News! Gamekicker - new crowdfunding platform specifically for indies
38:15 - Microsoft...what's up? Closing studios, cancelling games, making XBOX One upgradable?
48:00 - The end(?) of the Coleco Chameleon story
54:04 - Rising Thunder cancelled, Riot Games buys its developers

We discuss the ups and downs of MAGFest (mostly ups), the difference between localization and direct translation and our favorite Legend of Zelda dungeons!

0:15 - Intro
0:59 - MAGFest
26:20 - HTC Vive (VR) price revealed
36:00 - Pokemon Sun & Moon
41:10 - Localization and direct translation (Fire Emblem: Fates)
54:34 - What games are we playing? Kossio
57:10 - Paige
1:00:15 - What the chat has been playing

1:01:40 - Toni
1:08:20 - JJ
1:13:50 - Mello (plus some Firewatch talk)
1:27:20 - Listener questions: Favorite Legend of Zelda dungeon?
1:35:10 - What are we looking forward to? Current Midboss events, SUPERHOT, Twilight Princess HD
1:40:10 - "Mega Drive" Sonic anniversary comic

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