Yet another expensive VR headset is out, and it's difficult for any of us to see why we would purchase it at this point. We also discuss some difficult community firestorm regarding a trans character in the world of Baldur's Gate, and finally, our opinions on game difficulty.Should people be told to "git gud"? Is "gamer cred" a useful currency? Find out, on Minus World.

Also, the GaymerX Year Four Kickstarter only has four days left!

New producer 2 Mello joins us on the 4th episode of Minus World's third season. News from Sony, Namco and MGSV, games from Yoshi's Wooly World to Crypt of the Necrodancer, and one wild hotel room microphone situation. Hey, 2 Mello will fix it.


Intro and 2 Mello introduced 0:20
Thanksgiving/Black Friday talk 3:52

MGSV nuclear disarmament metagame 8:12
PS4's 7th processing core unlocked 14:38
Namco's patent on loading screen minigames expired 18:25
Dragon dating sim "Angels with Scaly Wings 23:05
PS4 streaming to PC soon 26:57

What games have we been playing?:
Nintendo Badge Arcade and 
Yoshi's Wooly World with JJ 30:10
Flywrench with 2 Mello 40:04
Crypt of the Necrodancer with Matt 42:54
Heroes of the Storm with Toni 45:05

Read Only Memories at Playstation Experience, GaymerX3 coming up and goodbyes at 49:28

Episode 11 of Super Bonus Gaymer World is here!

Toni Rocca is here with us! Yay! Also: Our most horrifying game show segment we ever have had. We talk about Yoshi, Yoshimitsu, and play the game show where no matter how much you scrub you will never be clean, never be clean... This may also have killed off our game show format forever, revealing the flaws in our show! T___T

Official Runtime - 1:38:55


Games discussed this week:

Splatoon, Child of Eden, UmJammer Lammy, Super Mario 3D World, Super Time Force, Bloodborne, Super Castlevania IV, Castlevania Series, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Mega Man Series, Mischief Makers, Trauma Center, Valkyria Chronicles, Silhoutte Mirage, Magical Goemon/ Domokun’s Mystical Adventure,  Hot Shots Golf: World Tour, Royals, and Dwarf Fortress.

Flamecon Info:

FlameCon Form:

Trixie Mattel as Cosplay host for GX3:

Super Bonus Game Show Time:

SB Game Show: Uh-oh!

Title: "Uh-Oh! - Final Season Premiere"

Play along with the home game at 01:04:30 in the episode!


Players in the Super Bonus Game Show this week

(wins), [tries] prior to this episode

Matt Conn (3) [11]


John James (5) [10]


David J  [4]


Toni Rocca  [2]



Thank you so much for listening and your support!

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