New producer 2 Mello joins us on the 4th episode of Minus World's third season. News from Sony, Namco and MGSV, games from Yoshi's Wooly World to Crypt of the Necrodancer, and one wild hotel room microphone situation. Hey, 2 Mello will fix it.


Intro and 2 Mello introduced 0:20
Thanksgiving/Black Friday talk 3:52

MGSV nuclear disarmament metagame 8:12
PS4's 7th processing core unlocked 14:38
Namco's patent on loading screen minigames expired 18:25
Dragon dating sim "Angels with Scaly Wings 23:05
PS4 streaming to PC soon 26:57

What games have we been playing?:
Nintendo Badge Arcade and 
Yoshi's Wooly World with JJ 30:10
Flywrench with 2 Mello 40:04
Crypt of the Necrodancer with Matt 42:54
Heroes of the Storm with Toni 45:05

Read Only Memories at Playstation Experience, GaymerX3 coming up and goodbyes at 49:28

its episode 4! We lost the description! Good luck finding the links :)

Official Runtime - 1:29:05


Super Bonus Game Show Time:

SB Game Show : Nick Arcade

Title"Nick Arcade Pilot"

Play Along!: ???

Link: ???

SB Game Show BONUS : Figure it Out

Title: ???

Play Along!: ???

Link: ???

Players in the Super Bonus Game Show this week

(wins), [tries] prior to this episode

Matt Conn (0) [3]


John James (1) [2]


Philip Jones


Toni Rocca


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