Join us for a brief stay in Minus World where JJ, Kossio and Mello discuss Metal Gear Survive and whether it will indeed survive, good and bad game delays and franchises that let us down.

It's all fun and games until someone calls out anime fans. This time on Minus World, we talk about game distributors' increasing control over "what is and isn't a game", the mundane activities we'd like to see become games and why it's okay to walk away from the challenge of Dark Souls.

We have a grand old time discussing VR's slow push into the world, the possibilities of the Nintendo NX, the many pitfall choices to be made in a Cave Story playthrough, and the games we love but could not recommend to anyone else. TO BE CONTINUED

The real Podcast Souls starts here as Mello's microphone perishes, Matt Conn travels to faraway and expensive lands and JJ speaks only in the occasional ominous laugh. 

We talk about Rust gender locking, the Powerpuff Girls reboot falling flat on its face and the GTA-like Rockstar legal battle about to pop off. Video games are still happening at an alarming rate, and we're here to discuss what we can do about that.

0:00 Intro, all lies
5:00 News - unearthed Neo-Geo prototype, game archiving convo
13:20 - Punch-Out! Easter egg
15:15 - Possible new Xbox One model outed by NeoGAF
18:44 - Rust randomly assigns players a gender based on SteamID
27:05 - Rockstar legal battle
32:13 - Dark Souls 3 PC crashes and the hilarious ways to "fix" them
38:25 - Yo-Kai Watch 3 coming in Sushi and Tempura versions to Japan in July
48:09 - Powerpuff Girls reboot has transphobic new episode
59:07 - Animal Crossing's 15th anniversary!
1:04:04 - Dark Souls 3 mistakenly listed on Mexican Steam for less than a dollar
1:05:46 - Link to the Past and Super Metroid available on New 3DS eShop today
1:14:58 - Week's Topic: First multiplayer game you remember playing?
1:28:08 - What have we played this week?

Yet another expensive VR headset is out, and it's difficult for any of us to see why we would purchase it at this point. We also discuss some difficult community firestorm regarding a trans character in the world of Baldur's Gate, and finally, our opinions on game difficulty.Should people be told to "git gud"? Is "gamer cred" a useful currency? Find out, on Minus World.

Also, the GaymerX Year Four Kickstarter only has four days left!

It's a full house as Connie Sims and Sergio Kossio from Midboss join your usual cast of Mello, Matt, Toni and JJ. We discuss the best boss battles, the worst Street Fighter character designs and, everyone, please stop playing Miitomo during the podcast, please?

Editor's note: Bloodborne plot spoilers appear around 51:15 and all Bloodborne talk is over by 58:20.

Matt Conn's back from Australia with plenty of really weird Australian slang and facts about the most dangerous area of life's RPG world. You have to grind in Europe before you go to Australia.

0:00 - Intro, X-Files and TV show talk
14:15 - The Smooth Sounds of Matt Conn
19:00 - GX Australia and general Australia
41:20 - News - Legends of the Hidden Temple TV Movie
48:00 - Ghostbusters Trailer
53:25 - Zootopia
59:50 - Harmonix crowdfunding Rock Band 4 PC port
1:02:54 - No Man's Sky coming June 21, is $60
1:05:10 - Nintendo funding Beyond Good and Evil 2 as NX exclusive?
1:10:26 - Coleco Chameleon craziness
1:21:00 - Kanye's "TurboGrafx 16"
1:27:30 - What are we playing? SUPERHOT
1:38:18 - Street Fighter V
1:42:00 - Yo-Kai Watch Minute
1:44:11 - the beginning and end of the Dragon Quest Heroes Sale Watch
1:46:00 - GaymerX4!!
Minus World Episode 9 Timestamps

0:00 Netflix shows and Adventure Time
8:00 Matt Conn arrives
9:30 - Discussing localizing gender pronouns to the Japanese version of Read Only Memories
20:40 - News theme, Kanye's meltdown
23:45 -
27:00 - Sonic 3 Michael Jackson collab confirmed
29:25 - Sammus' "1080p" single release and video
32:20 - Mighty No. 9 delayed again
38:00 - Mello discusses playing The Witness
44:08 - Tony The Tiger Twitter blocks furries, everyone. Tons of cereal and food mascot talk
57:00 - Detective Pikachu looks cool
1:00:55 - Police calculating each person's threat scores--your talking about things (including games) on social media can affect that
1:07:06 - Hanna-Barbera titles rebooted with weird new art styles
1:10:50 - We heard live that Peter Molyneux retired and then realized it was a hack right after that
1:14:16 - Gamestop is publishing the next Insomniac game
1:18:53 - Matt Conn's Yo-kai Watch Minute
1:23:08 - JJ finished Contradiction, Toni played more Diablo and Matt played Black Ops 3's Zombies mode, which is surprisingly good
Then, our first listener questions!

The crew gets together on Christmas Eve to talk holiday games and memories, old console names making a comeback, why Steam sales might not be as exciting now, and somehow, again, Yo-Kai Watch.

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